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Visa Assist

If you have been living with your partner in another country and wish to come and live in Australia, you will more than likely be applying for a ‘Partner Visa’ or Fiancé Visa, if you are not already married.

Part of the requirements for the Partner Visa or a Fiancé Visa, is to prove that you intend to be married. To do this you will need to provide a copy of a signed and witnessed ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form (NOIM) and a certified evidence of notice letter from your Celebrant stating that you have completed a ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form (NOIM) and a date for your wedding has been set.

Visa Assist Package

  • Contact me to set up a meeting.
  • Complete the necessary Notice of Intended Marriage with me as your witness.
  • Bring your relevant Identification (Passports or birth certificates and driver license).
  • Also bring any relevant divorce/death certificates.
  • I will provide your certified Evidence of Notice letter within 24 hours.
  • Email or give 'celebrant letter' and copy of NOIM form to your immigration specialist.
  • All-inclusive price of $100, but..
  • If you plan to follow up with one of my Legals Only Wedding, an Elopement or a full Wedding, the Visa Assist package is included in the price.